IMG_2338There is rarely a dull moment in the lives of July 5 people, as their mercurial energies jump from one subject to another—tasting, testing and moving on. Those born on this day love the variety and sparkle of life, unusual and out of the way people, subjects, color combinations and panoramas. In almost constant and rapid motion, either physically or mentally, July 5 people are charming enough to capture the hearts of those around them (they love entertaining), but are generally not the stalwart types you want to rely on for maintenance, upkeep and support.

July 5 people not only recognize opportunities, but go for them. They are adept at the art of persuasion and, therefore, must beware of using such talents in manipulative schemes. Charismatic and powerful, but not always well grounded, they can sweep those around them away in the enthusiasm they generate. Seeking a stable partner or enterprise that will anchor their energies and structure their talents may assert itself as a main priority at a crucial point in their lives, perhaps at age twenty-eight to thirty (first Saturn return) or in their early forties (first Uranus opposition, mid-life crisis).

Adolescence is a particularly difficult and hectic time for many July 5 people. Off-beat relationships, ever-changing interests and erratic school performance, or inability to maintain a constant schedule are typical. Also, the imaginative inner life is unusually active, producing stimulating dreams and fantasies. It is these early visions that form the basis of later successes and failures. In the former case (success), those born on this day manifest these visions into a concrete external reality. In the latter case, they are frightened by the strength of such images and lack the courage to integrate them in their waking life. Perhaps they then withdraw into a private dream world, while working quite normal jobs with little or no psychological gratification.

Even if July 5 people work an office job (or really any nine-to-five-type employment), they can manage to express their fantasies creatively in a hobby or other pastime. Problems arise, however, when they neglect their partner and/or children, devoting all of their free time to such pursuits. One positive solution is that their hobby be inclusive of loved ones (e.g., improving home life with gardening, pets, interior design, etc.) July 5 people must make an effort to let their families know that they are indeed loved and not taken for granted.

The vivid, flamboyant nature of those born on this day generates many interesting opportunities for friends and colleagues who come in contact with them. The greatest challenge for July 5 people is in maintaining stability and avoiding a wasteful scattering of their talents and energies.

Fantasy-rich, fun, psychologically astute, exciting, interesting and
imaginative / Erratic, unreliable, self destructive, obsessive and embarrassing.

Secret Language of Birthdays


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